Call for Papers

Special Issue: Women and Politics in Pennsylvania History

 The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography is issuing a call for articles to be included in a special issue on women and politics in Pennsylvania history, scheduled for publication in October 2020.

The editors seek submissions of the following two sorts.

  • Scholarly Articles: The editors seek submissions of scholarly articles (25–35 pages, double spaced) featuring new research on the history of women and politics in Pennsylvania. We define politics broadly, to include women from a diversity of backgrounds who worked both inside and outside of formal avenues of power. Thus, while we welcome submissions on Pennsylvania women’s involvement in abolitionism, suffrage, and legislative and party politics, we hope articles will also consider women in labor, pacifist, and civil rights organizations (ILGWU, WILPF, and NWRO, for example), as well as their often-unacknowledged roles as informal community leaders. We also welcome submissions on conservative women’s activism and ideologies (antisuffrage and anti-ERA activists, for example). Selections will be based on both quality and the need to represent the full range of research in the history of women and politics.


  • Hidden Gems: The editors seek submissions of short articles (250–750 words) featuring hidden gems highlighting some aspect of women and politics in Pennsylvania history. We invite articles focusing on both written and non-written sources, including but not limited to diaries, manuscript collections, novels, government documents, oral histories, newspapers, photographs, artifacts, and monuments. These items may or may not be found in the state, but they must illuminate some aspect of Pennsylvania women’s experiences with politics. See for examples of such essays.

 Submission details: Submissions should be addressed to Christina Larocco, Editor, Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography (

Guest editors: Potential contributors are strongly encouraged to consult with one of the two guest editors for this issue of the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography before submitting: Emma Lapsansky-Werner, Emeritus Professor of History, Haverford College (, and Marion Roydhouse, Emerita Professor of History, Jefferson–East Falls Campus (

Deadline for submissions: January 1, 2019